Arnold Kasar 03 Jun 24 Comment

new release ! THE BRUCKNER TAPES

Arnold Kasar did four reworks of renowned compositions of Anton Bruckner. The whole mini album will be released in Bruckners 200 anniversary day. Find the music here :

For the project ‘THE BRUCKNER TAPES,’ he had access to the historical recordings of Bruckner symphonies from the legendary ETERNA archive.

The recordings used for the project date from 1962 to 1990. During this period of the Cold War, the Austrian conductors Franz Konwitschny and Otmar Suitner traveled between Leipzig, Dresden, and Berlin and created masterful interpretations with the leading East German orchestras.

Arnold Kasar deliberately selects spherical, poetic motifs from Bruckner’s symphonies. The source material is broken down into the smallest individual parts and reassembled into sound textures using granular synthesis. Kasar’s innovative fusion of motifs from his piano playing with this newly created tapestry of sound, derived from Bruckner’s micro-phrases, results in an artfully interwoven, meditatively circulating sound that relaxes the senses while inviting concentrated listening.

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