Arnold Kasar 18 Oct 23 Comment

new music from Roedelius / Kasar collaboration / out Dec 01, 2023

Listen to the new album “ZENSIBILITY” from Joachim Roedelius & Arnold Kasar here ! Two musicians without any need to proof anything to anyone anymore, but who – throughout their careers – were confronted with expectations of delivering avant-garde or groundbreaking compositions, consciously decided to put their ego behind for the recording of “Zensibility”, in order to first listen to each others playing to only then add what was missing musically. 
The leitmotif running through the entire album, possibly attributable to Roedelius’ advanced age – of almost 90 years – is an unagitated, meditative basic calm.
“Zensibility” has evolved into an incredibly personal, emotional and, most importantly, respectful album, in the sense that two gifted musicians complement each other congenially instead of playing past each other.
The album will be out in full on December 1st.

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